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Although most people may think that maple syrup is naturally organic, there are several regulations that must be followed to be certified organic. To name a few, some of the more important ideas that concern us all are:


To promote a healthy forest, we must practice sustainable forestry:
Must not over tap, must not tap maple trees that are too young and must leave a percentage of mixed species. These practices will ensure a viable sugarbush for generations to come.

To promote a healthy environment, no chemicals or pesticides: 
Cannot use chemical fertilizers nor pesticides in or around the sugarbush.  Example, if the sugarbush is next to a corn field using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Then your sugarbush cannot be certified organic as the wind may push these products into the forest.

To promote flora and fauna:
Wildlife will flourish in a healthy forest that is chemical free, not to mention plants that grow naturally in a sugarbush such as mushrooms, wild leeks and ginseng to name a few.

To promote integrity:
Each farm that is certified organic is visited and inspected each year by an inspector that will approve or deny that farms application. 

To promote organic: 
All food factories must also be certified organic and are also inspected by a 3rd party organic certifying agency to assure that the factory is compliant to process organic foods. These factories then promote their certified organic brands to the market place.


For further information and a more complete understanding of what “certified organic” means, please consult our certifier EcoCert Canada:


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