Pure Maple Syrup

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has been a leader in the Maple Syrup Industry supplying high quality pure maple syrup and maple syrup related products since 1976.

Years of competency and dedication

Our administration staff has well over 150 years of combined experience in the maple syrup industry. Combined with several dedicated employees being with us for 20+ years translates to a very competent team.

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High End Souvenir and Gift Shops

Travel and Tourism


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Certified Organic

Natural and Health Foods


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Supermarkets, Clubs

Hotels, Restaurants & Industry

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Meeting High Standards

We carefully select only premium quality maple syrup from producers who meet our high standards for purity and taste.

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Contact usTel: (450) 539-4822Turkey Hill has sales representatives all across the country. Please consult the listing for a salesperson in your area
For all customer enquiries, corporate sales enquiries and all the other areas please contact Turkey Hill directly.
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