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Other Maple Syrup Ideas

Other Maple Syrup Ideas
  • pancakes, waffles, and homemade bread.
  • as a sauce on ice cream (warm maple syrup with Schenley Ron Carioca white rum or V.S.Q. brandy for taste makes a delightful combination).
  • on baked grapefruit, or to sweeten raspberries, strawberries, or other fruit of your choice (add whipped cream if desired).
  • to glaze baked ham or in cooking baked beans (try adding 1/2 cup of rom carioca white rum to the beans just before serving on a cold winter evening).
  • to sweeten your favorite drink
  • and indeed in many other ways that you'll think of yourself.

Remember that many people prefer the darker grades of syrup because of their distinctive maple flavour.


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